50W MARINE flexible solar panel KIT (1100x305)

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This is the 305x1100x3 mm  50W MARINE FLEXIBLE SOLAR PANEL KIT

50W flexible solar panel
10A controller
4metres of 4mm solar cable
1 pair of MC4 connectors
(all separately)

These are unique as we have had them specially designed so that they can fit in slim areas on boats, narrowboats, yachts..
These Flexible solar panels are MONOCRYSTALLINE
and use the USA SUNPOWER solar cells
for excellent efficiency.

They come with
900mm of solar cable
1 pair of MC4 connectors attached to the cable
junction box at the front
You would need a solar controller


SIZE: 305x1100x3mm
VOC(V) 20.8
VMp(V) 17.6
ISM(A) 3
IMP(A) 2.8
N.W(kg) 1.40


These Waterproof, SUNPOWER solar panels have an efficiency of up to 22% and are used to provide free energy for charging a 12V or 24V battery (or bank of several batteries) .Please use a solar controller which is usually bought separately.
They generally absorb more sunlight and having a solid copper backing and thick connectors make these panels stronger and more efficient than the older style flexible solar panels.

The solar panels are monocrystalline and the high efficiency flexible solar panels are perfect for motorhomes boats, caravans, campers, solar lighting systems...

The BACK-CONTACT solar cells have up to 22% efficiency and being waterproof are perfect for permanent outdoor use.

The SUNPOWER SOLAR CELLS absorb more sunlight and because of the solid copper backing they are much stronger because of the thick copper foundation. And having the thicker connections adds to the efficiency as well as coping with the swing in temperatures.
Finally they have a maximum bending radius of 30 degrees , can be walked on ( if you have soft soled shoes or barefoot is best) and will look perfect on your boat, motorhome, caravan, camper...
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