Tips on how to use your solar panels from the camping and caraving club.

February 10th, 2014

                            TOP TIPS FROM THE CAMPING&CARAVAN CLUB


  • If you use a crystalline panel, don’t forget that even the shadow of a thin wire can make a difference to the power output. Make sure as many cells as possible are in full sun.
  • Solar panels will work behind glass, but with limitations. They are designed for direct sunlight, so if you put a panel behind glass or a plastic window its efficiency will be reduced. It may take up to three times as long to provide the same charge to a battery if you put the panel behind a window, even if it’s in full sun.
  • Connecting a solar panel to your leisure battery may be as simple as attaching a couple of clips, but some caravan and motorhome manufacturers provide specific adaptors so it’s worth checking with your local dealer before you buy a new panel.
  • If you invest in a solar panel, make sure it’s positioned to take advantage of the midday sun, which is the strongest. This is almost directly overhead in summer, but lower in the southern part of the sky at other times of the year. Angling your panel towards the sun will increase the energy it generates outside of the summer months.
  • Some solar panels are portable and come with all the connectors required to attach them to your leisure battery, such as the Solar Technology 4W Fold-Up panel. Others can be permanently secured to your unit and may come packaged with a suitable fixing kit. Before you buy, think about how you will use the panels (including whether they will normally be positioned in full sunlight), whether you want to have them permanently fixed and if the attachment points may affect the water ingress warranty of your unit.
  • The power you generate from your solar panel will only be as good as the condition of your leisure battery, so it’s worth looking after your battery. The Club has another Data Sheet – Looking after your leisure battery – to help you do this.
  • The power generated by a solar panel is direct current (DC), so if you want to use it to power something that would normally plug into a home-style three-pin 230V socket you’ll need to convert it to alternating current (AC). For this you’ll need an inverter.
  • A solar panel can be ideal for keeping your battery topped up during winter storage, especially if you have a caravan or motorhome with a battery-powered alarm system. To take account of the low light levels in winter you may need a 20W panel or more.


Narrow / Canal boats and solar panels

January 29th, 2014

Running a diesel engine to charge your batteries is a hassle. Not only that, but it disturbs the peace of a quiet mooring, and isn’t a very environmentally responsible way of obtaining energy. It isn’t even very good for the engine: Most alternators only give a light load to a big propulsion engine which is designed to be run under much heavier loads. That’s why many people leave boats in gear while charging; but that of course, burns more diesel, and is even less environmentally friendly!

An alternative is to charge your batteries using clean, free, renewable energy. Although you need to make an investment to fit solar panels, in the long run, you should find this will even save you money: You will save considerably on fuel costs, engine wear and tear, and battery replacement.

When choosing a solar panel select the biggest you can get for your budget  as you will be grateful for the extra power produced in the long run!

If you live in your boat or just use it at weekends, the result is the same,  You need to keep your batteries in tip top condition and this is a priority.  All types of panels provide good charging capability, but some or better suited to a marine environment then others.

Available in many different sizes and configurations the semi flexible solar panels will fit to the curve of your boat, the foldable panels are great if you want to bring them in and out and of course there are the Standard ones as well.




January 8th, 2014

HAPPY 2014!

The London Boat Show is on and we hope that it will inspire people to think about the sailing season and all the good things that go with it, including lots of sunshine, which if you buy some solar panels, could give you some free energy to keep that hungry battery topped up and the lights on!

Have a look at all our January offers!

First Titan-Energy Blog!

November 1st, 2013


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Hope you all have had a good half term and those of you who have used your solar panels, on boats, caravan, motorhomes, etc. who have some good tips/stories , please just write to us.

Thanking you in advance.

Semi Flexible panels are Fantastic!

November 1st, 2013

flexible solar panels on yacht