110W Flexible Solar Panel Sunpower Cells smooth
110W Flexible Solar Panel Sunpower Cells smooth image

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110W  Flexible Solar Panels 

Smooth Surface. Also availble in ETFE surface

Made with Sunpower Cells.

 The conversion efficiency is up to 22.4%-23.6%, higher than average .

size: 1070x540x3 mm

110W  18V

Cell type : Monocrystalline

Peak power (Pmax): 110Wp

Power tolerance range(%) : +/- 3%

Open circuit voltage / Voc(V) : 21.9

Max.power voltage/ Vmp(V) : 18.6

Short circuit current / Isc(A) : 6.32

Max.power current /Imp(A) : 5.97

Maximum System Voltage (V): 45V DC

Weight : 2018 g

 CE and IAF


  • Semi flexible : bending angle up to 15 degrees
  • The thickness is only 3.0mm
  • High efficiency up to 23% AND mono-crystalline solar cells
  • Fully weather proof & lightweight design
  • Highly resistant to seawater corrosion and marine environment

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