20 A Dual Battery Solar Controller

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20A DUO Battery Solar Controller for RVs, Caravans,Boats...

Technical Information

      Setpoint                                                  Sealed Battery             Gel Battery                 Flooded Battery                            

1. Equalize charging voltage                           14.6V                            -----                              14.8V

Boost charging Voltage                                   14.4V                              14.2V                         14.6V

Float charging voltage                                     13.8V                              13.8V                          13.8V

Maximum solar voltage                                   30V(12V System)
                                                                         55V( 24V System)

Battery voltage range                                       8-15V

Boost time                                                        120 minutes

Self- consumption                                            4mA at night, 10mA at charging

Meterbus connection                                        8-PIN RJ-45

Temp compensation                                         -5mV/C/2V

Terminals                                                          4mm2

Temperature                                                      -35 degrees C  -  +55 degrees C

Net weight                                                          250g

Note: all data is for 12V, for 24V, please use 2x.

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